Discovering with fun the foundations of the game.


Hello and thank you for choosing us! 

Before enrolling your player in SOCCER-ROOTS ACADEMY,  we encourage you to browse this website to get all the necessary information. Then, please 'CONTACT' the coach to clarify any doubts and confirm an available spot.

 If you have done so, please follow the below 3 steps: 

Re-Enrolling a player?

That's great!

Thanks for choosing SOCCER-ROOTS ACADEMY.

Step 1

Please download the attached 'Terms & Conditions' document and read thoroughly every single section, 

in order to make sure what SOCCER-ROOTS ACADEMY expects from you and your little player 

every time we meet to have fun and discover the foundations of this game.

Please acknowledge in Step 3

When a payment (Step 2) and enrolment form (Step 3) have been submitted, 

we take for granted that you have downloaded, viewed and accepted this document.



Step 2

Depending on whether you are enrolling a 'New Player' or an 'Existing Player', single or siblings, (view the 'FEES' section if you are not clear), you must deposit the exact amount in the below account:

Account name: Soccer Roots Academy

BSB: 014 311

Account Number: 4711 80132

*Please add your child's First and Family Name on the reference section.

Step 3

Final step, simply fill out the below form and hit the 'SUBMIT' button.


After you have completed the above three steps, and once payment has been processed, you shall receive a final email confirmation of payment and enrolment.

Then, it will be just a matter of attending the first session. I'll keep you posted, don't worry!

Feel free to get in touch via the 'CONTACT' section or replying my email.

Thank you for choosing SOCCER-ROOTS ACADEMY!

Step 4

Existing players' parents, please fill out the below form:

Thank you very much for re-enrolling your little player and for choosing SOCCER-ROOTS ACADEMY!